Mobile Outdoor Advertising

Media-V offers advertisers a unique opportunity to make a big outdoor impact!

Why Media-V?

  • Target Ability

    Media-V's Mobelite scooters can go exactly where your customer base lives and works. No other media can target a geographical area so precisely.

  • Flexibility

    Choose the hours and days you want. Choose where you want us to be seen!

  • Cost Effectiveness

    Compared to traditional media, our Mobelites are great value for money.

  • High Impact

    Eye-catching, unusual, different on the road.

  • Versatile

    Experiential, tactile and campaignable.

Outdoor Advertising Signs

Marketing your business successfully is crucial to it's bottom line and long term growth. Good advertising should be effective and affordable and here at Media-V, we have a truly unique form of marketing that cuts through the clutter and resonates with your consumer: mobile scooter billboards. Our mobile signs can be taken anywhere, ensuring that your company gets the most targeted coverage possible. As the creators of this highly effective promotional medium, Media-V are one of the most reliable suppliers of outdoor advertising in Australia, from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to Perth, Adelaide and regional Australia. We own one of the largest fleets of scooter advertising vehicles in the world, ensuring that we can facilitate your media requirements with ease and efficiency. By adopting the popular Vespa brand nationally, we have also made sure that there is a classic element to promoting your company; an added element which is sure to attract the attention of the general public. Our core objective is to give you a truly reliable means of talking to your target audience. Reach out and attract some brand new customers today!

Effective Mobile Advertising

Media-V have been supplying scooter billboard solutions to our clients for ten years. Our rates are very affordable, meaning that you can boost your sales without having to spend a fortune in the process. We are directly responsible for all campaign operations across the country, which means we can deliver the same high standard of service when installing your mobile banners as well as getting your mobile signage on the road with precision. Our solutions are tailored specifically to the company involved, offering a flexibility which will help your business to grow and thrive. Alongside this, Media-V have an experiential arm, Media-V Live, which allows our experienced promotional ambassadors to connect with consumers on the ground, enabling them to interact directly with your potential customers. We can provide you with a promotional solution which is low cost and high impact, allowing you to attract positive attention and bring in a great return on your investment. Please contact one of our representatives today to find out more about how we can enhance your next campaign.